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How to development drone projects for the civil agricultural sector?

1st Jul. A group of people from Huizhou agricultural sector visit Eagle Brother headquarter for the drone project. Agricultural drone sprayer as the Eagle Brother Helicopter is designed for precision variable rate application of liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Now it is also for sowing seeds and feeding fish. Development professionals need reliable, easy-to-access, and…
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How does coronavirus affect our economy for all the innovation company

Over the past few months,  we have changed the way we greet each other, the way we work and the way our children educated.  Now almost everything is coming back to 2 quarter ago except the MASK STYLE. Everyone in the streets wears masks – pink, blue, white, black…etc. We are in a colourful style. Nowadays, we…
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Eagle Brother Plant Protection Drone on CCTV – 30min of Economic “to help Guizhou out of poverty”

At 27-May, the special news column “30min of Economic” of CCTV2 Finance & Economics Channel broadcast an exclusive interview with Sun Zhigang, deputy to the National People’s Congress, secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, on the theme of “The key points of Guizhou…
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Eagle Brother Is Doing Spray Operation for Community

On the morning of February 10, the Eagle Brother drones turned into special “defense angels”. The spray disinfection operation for the community in Longpo Hualong took only 20 minutes to complete the entire community work. Why is this “defensive angel” so efficient? The spray disinfection for the Hualong Community came from Chongqing Tianying Brothers’ partner,…
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Eagle Brother Will Exhibit in Shanghai CAC 2020 Feb

Location: Shanghai International New Expo Centre Site Num: W3G01 Feb 23th – 25th, 2020 for period reserve or enquiries: or fill the form at:

Eagle Brother Participate in the 1st Shenzhen-Hongkong-Macau Science Education Entrepreneur Conference

By 27 Dec, the 1st Shenzhen-Hongkong-Macau Science Education Entrepreneur Conference was held in Shenzhen. On December 27, the first Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Conference was held in Shenzhen. Under the guidance of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association, the conference was hosted by the Shenzhen Science Popularization Education Base Federation and co-organized by…
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Eagle Brother is doing demonstration in Cambodia

Eagle Brother is landing Cambodia! in the capital city. this time we are inviting the local farmers and agricultural experts join the demonstration. with the latest technology and precise farming, the rice industry of Cambodia will upgrade again! Let’s looking forward to it!

CCTV is interviewing Eagle Brother: To announce a strong voice for the way to grow stronger.

15 DEC, CCTV – the official news platform of China is broadcasting the TV program ‘ China Brands’ in the economy channel. According to the related information, ‘ 2019 China Brands’ is an important TV serial of ‘Brands make china better’. This ceremony is the collective work of famous Chinese brands and enterprises. The CCTV…
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Eagle Brother 2020 Conference

7th Dec, Eagle brother 2020 product launch conference was held in Xinjiang province Lord Grand Hotel. X25 and TY 800 was shown on the conference. The founder of Eagle Brother Li, Caisheng and Director of Sales department Chen, Wenchun and Eagle Brother Xinjiang campany director Ren, Xuecong attend the event with more than 100 clients…
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Cenxi City: Australian Nuts Industry Mate – Eagle Brother Agri Sprayer Drones

11月28日,由广西坚果产业协会、广西南亚热带农业科学研究所主办“岑溪开展澳洲坚果秋冬管理技术培训与山地机械展示”在岑溪大隆镇均昌村基地举行。 28th Nov. Guangxi Nuts Association and Guangxi tropical agricultrual research centre held ‘Australian nuts autumn and winter maintaining techniques training and machinery demonstration’ in Cenxi City  11月28日,由广西坚果产业协会、广西南亚热带农业科学研究所主办“岑溪开展澳洲坚果秋冬管理技术培训与山地机械展示”在岑溪大隆镇均昌村基地举行。来自广西特色产业扶贫专家服务团、广西坚果产业协会会员、坚果种植户近50多名参加培训。天鹰兄弟作为协办单位参加。 28th Nov, 28th Nov. Guangxi Nuts Association and Guangxi tropical agricultrual research centre held ‘Australian nuts autumn and winter maintaining techniques training and machinery demonstration’ in Cenxi…
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